Hawksley Workman Releases Official Video For “Dwindling Beauty (Let’s Fake Our Deaths Together)”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Hawksley Workman*

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Dwindling Beauty (let’s fake our deaths together)” is a roughly drawn escape plan, questioning, what if we just gave ourselves over to despair?   

Produced and mixed by Marcus Paquin (Arcade Fire, The National), it’s the latest single from my album Less Rage More Tears.  

Penned in Montreal during the winter of 2019, “Dwindling Beauty” very much sounds like it was written in 2020 with its darker contemplative turn, meditating on emptiness and giving up.  

Let’s fake our deaths together… I think it’d be best if we both just walked away. I think the universe is trying to tell me nothing, like it’s run out of good things to say. 

Check out “Dwindling Beauty” on YouTube or stream it on Spotify SoundCloud

Thanks for listening!   

Hawksley Workman


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