Marigolds+Monsters Releases ‘Glow’ Full-Length; First Single “Falling Out Of Rhythm” (Feat. Travis Barker & Tilian) Out Now

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Marigolds+Monsters Releases ‘Glow’ Full-Length

Solo Project of American Musician, Producer, Engineer, Mixer and Singer/Songwriter Matt Malpass, Whose Credits Include: Dance Gavin Dance, Issues, The Ready Set, Cartel, Manchester Orchestra, Tilian, Lydia, Blink 182, $uicideboy$, Lil Nas X, Vic Mensa, Nothing, Nowhere, Machine Gun Kelly ft Yungblud, The Fever 333* and More

Stream The First Single “Falling Out Of Rhythm” (Ft Travis Barker & Tilian)
Stream “Falling Out Of Rhythm” Here 
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Stream Marigolds+Monsters’ “Falling Out Of Rhythm” (Ft Travis Barker & Tilian):

Matthew James Malpass is an American musician, producer, engineer, mixer and singer/songwriter from Augusta, Georgia. He’s also the mastermind behind his new solo project Marigolds+Monsters.

On October 16, Marigolds+Monsters released its debut album ‘Glow’ and he’s giving listeners a preview with the new single “Falling Out Of Rhythm” (featuring Travis Barker and Tilian), now streaming everywhere.

Of the track, Matt says, “I wrote this song with Tilian a few years back while we were recording one of his solo albums. It sort of sat on the shelf because it never quite musically conveyed what I wanted. One day, as I was working with Travis (Barker) on another project, I played him the demo and immediately, he said, “I know what this needs” and within five minutes, he had laid down the drum track, first take, giving it exactly the life it needed. Travis and Tilian are both dear friends that happen to be insanely talented. I’m super grateful to have been able to do this song with them.”

In his early years, Malpass worked alongside Platinum-selling producers Billy Hume and Matt Goldman. Malpass’ earlier discography includes projects with songwriting and production credits for a variety of established artists including Dance Gavin Dance, Issues, The Ready Set, Cartel, Manchester Orchestra, Tilian, Lydia, among many others.

Malpass moved to Los Angeles, CA to begin the next chapter in his career and began working as head engineer for platinum record-selling hitmaker, John Feldmann. During his tenure with Feldmann, Malpass earned songwriting, mixing and production credits for artists such as 311, Andy Black, Atreyu and The Fever 333. This lead to an encounter with legendary artist Travis Barker, best known as the drummer for Blink-182.

After a year of working under Feldmann, Malpass began working as head engineer for Travis Barker, which lead to multiple songwriting and production credits on some of the biggest records of 2019 including artists such as: Blink 182 , $uicideboy$, Lil Nas X, Vic Mensa, Nothing,Nowhere, Machine Gun Kelly ft Yungblud, The Fever 333, and Jasiah among others.

In June of 2020, Malpass announced a worldwide record deal with We Are Triumphant under his solo moniker, Marigolds+Monsters. His LP, Glow, came out in 2020.

Grammy nominated songwriter (Lils Nas X Album) 
Produced Blink 182, Machine Gun Kelly, 311, Suicide Boys, Andy Black, Nothing.Nowhere, Lil Nas X, Lil Gnar, Lil Aaron. 
Platinum Selling Producer/Engineer. 
Co-wrote singles for Blink 182, 311, Andy Black, and Fever333 
Travis Barker’s songwriting & producing partner and engineer. 
Worked under John Feldman 
Publishing Deal with Lionel Conway (Elton John, Madonna’s label, U2)

Project Highlights: 
Falling Out of Rhythm features Travis Barker and Tilian.
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1. Glowing Landscape
2. Falling out of Rhythm (Ft. Travis Barker & Tilian)
3. Bring It Back
4. The Medic
5. Lose Yourself
6. Some Words
7. Impossible Things
8. Broken
9. Out of Reach
10. God Save the Miles

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