Swiss Jazz/Math-Rock/Prog/Electronica Duo QONIAK Premiere New Single “Coac”; New Album ‘Mutatio’ Out Now Through Hummus Records

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Swiss jazz/math-rock/prog/electronica duo QONIAK premiere new single “Coac” // New album ‘Mutatio’ out now through Hummus Records
About seven years after its debut full-length effort ‘Sentient Beings’ (2013), experimental jazz/math-rock/prog/electronica duo QONIAK joined the rank of the eclectic label Hummus Records in order to release its second album called ‘Mutatio’ out now on CD/LP/Limited LP edition & Digital. 

The band premiered a first glance from its record with a live session of the song “Coac,” available right now on YouTube while orders are also opened on Hummus Records webstore

For fans of Meshuggah, UFOs (not the band)… 
 “Coac could be the soundtrack of an old arcade video game. It feels like playing a wild game of Space Invaders and dancing at the same time. Its driving rocky/disco beat and infectious melody makes you nod your head with a smile on your face.” (QONIAK) 
 Stream the audio version of “Coac” on Bandcamp 
…For the record… 

Taking contemporary jazz and cutting it to pieces with a techno-indus blade, math rock scalpel, overlapping tempos and rhythmical breaks gleaned from Meshuggah, one foot in Area 51, the other in the underground passageways of “Stranger Things,” meet QONIAK. 

Order the album on CD/LP through Hummus Records

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