Bushwick Blooze Band Releases Video For “Waiting”

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Bushwick Blooze Band

Chas Rio Music 
Artist Name: Bushwick Blooze Band
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Label: Chas Rio Music
Musician Names/Instruments: Brother Dave, guitars and vocals; Chas Rio, bass; David Cornejo, drums.
Producer Name(s): Chas Rio
Similar/RIYL: Buddy Guy, BB King, Stevie Ray Vaughn
Genre(s): Blues, Blues-rock
Photo credit: @kokomo_audio


Official Website: www.bushwickblooze.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bushwickbloozeband/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bushwickblooze
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bushwickbloozeband/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6S4MWCRCrwtkh3EOk4AdCT?si=Xc0egxoJQrKA_5o4hKFa3w
YouTube Channel:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHwsgBjc8tOcGok1UaM6Phw

Artist Biography:

“Bushwick Blooze Band does the Blues justice.” In the past two years, this Brooklyn-based blues trio has brought numerous unforgettable memories to their audiences with their superior live performances in the NYC area. The husky voice and searing guitar work from Brother Dave, along with Chas Rio’s in-the-pocket bass and David Cornejo’s punchy drums, set a unique tone for the band. Their music is deeply rooted in blues but also infused with rock, funk and jazz. On their musical journey, the group keeps seeking new possibilities for the classic American art form, while possessing comprehensive knowledge and having great respect for the traditions.

Currently, Bushwick Blooze Band is finishing up the production of their second album “Yes Dear” with the assistance of the Grammy-nominated mixer, Daniel Alba and the Cutting Room Studio. Unlike the previous cover record, this new album will be their first original contribution to the genres they love. From traditional blues, blues-rock tunes, to jazz-influenced songs, it embodies the remarkable songwriting talent of Brother Dave and Chas, and reveals the infinite potential of the band.

“I see nothing without you just lonely and blue.” The first single, “Lonely and Blue,” debuted in the mid of March 2020, featuring a soulful melody and touching lyrics. In addition, for a preview of the album, the live demos of some upcoming singles are available on Bushwick Blooze Band’s official YouTube channel. The same-titled song “Yes Dear” vividly depicts the daily conversation of a couple and summarizes how men find marital bliss in real life. In contrast to that upbeat track, “Ma Dame” well blends jazz and blues with a chill and laid-back rhythm, conveying love and admiration. Besides the love songs, the band also wrote pure instrumental composition “Waiting,” filled with incredible improvisations and searing guitar work.

In the spring of 2018, Chas initiated the band as a venture with his entrepreneurial spirit and extensive business experience, aiming to turn his musical aspirations into reality. “I run the band not only as a musical creation, but as business” Chas says. After extensive searching, he recruited Brother Dave and David into the band, and formed a label, Chas Rio Music. Brother Dave is a seasoned guitarist and vocalist who started performing and touring with various bands when he was 17. David is also a professional musician. After graduating from Berklee College of Music, this Peruvian drummer began his NYC adventure in 2012, busking in the subway, playing at stadiums, teaching and helping with recording sessions. When Chas, Brother Dave, and David realized they are the perfect complements of each other, Bushwick Blooze Band was born. Their band logo was designed with the inspiration from Robert Crumb’s “Keep on Truckin’” in memory of the hippie era.

Their first album “Cryin’ for the L Train” was released in January 2019, honoring the rich history of blues classics and spreading their passion for rockin’ blues. It was comprised of some famous songs composed by their greatest influencers such as Little Richard, The Allman Brothers Band, Freddie King and Eddie Vinson. American Road Radio, Blues Magazine Radio and Leen Velthuis’ “Another Blues is Knocking 101” have all recommended this record to the public with praises.

Just like what Brother Dave sings in the lyrics, “I’m on the job, all the livelong day,” Bushwick Blooze Band is dedicated to practice, produce music and provide audience with terrific live experience. Meanwhile, they are actively exploring ways to pass on the blues culture to younger generations. With a new single release and a live gig each month, the group is striving for the revival of the blues.

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