Doc Straw & The Scarecrows Release Lyric Video For “Road To Nowhere”

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Get on By 

31 July 2020
Virginian Southern Rock & Roll artist Doc Straw & the Scarecrows recently released the breezy, thought-provoking single “Get On By.” About the song’s themes, Mike Straw had this to say:

I wrote this song after getting off of a three-hour long phone conversation with my sister, Jessica and a lot of our conversation that evening centered around some of the tougher things in life and how we were dealing with these struggles. If a person lives long enough, then at some point, they will experience these trying seasons. I’ve learned that it’s important to pay attention during those times because that is when we have some of the best opportunities to grow.

Further Info:

Artist Name: Doc Straw & the Scarecrows
Location: Virginia
Release Title: Get on By
Release Date: July 31, 2020
Label: Independent
Musician Names/Instruments: Mike Straw: Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Drums, Harmonica / Vaughn Thomas: Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar / Shelton Sprouse: Bass Guitar / Taylor Bess: Keys
Producer Name(s): Mike Straw, Taylor Bess
Similar/RIYL: Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, The Avett Brothers, Blackberry Smoke,
Genre(s): Southern Rock
Tracklist: Single Track: Get on By

Official Website:
Twitter: @strawwrites /
Instagram: @docstrawandthescarecrows
YouTube Channel

Artist Biography:

Doc Straw & the Scarecrows is the Southern Rock & Roll vehicle for Virginian songwriter Mike Straw. Straw, who sings, plays rhythm guitar, drums and harmonica, is joined in studio by lead guitarist Vaughn Thomas, bass guitarist Shelton Sprouse and keyboardist Taylor Bess. Musically and lyrically, this artist is about authenticity, musical flow and potent lyricism touching on themes of resilience in facing life’s enduring challenges.

Mike is a combat vet, who’s now a doctor of physical therapy (& full-time RVer). He’s been writing songs and playing in bands since middle school. He is from Gainesville, FL (Tom Petty’s hometown) but grew up in a little town called High Springs. Mike’s undergrad was at UF and he joined the Army as a combat engineer because he wanted to serve his country after 9/11.

I did a tour in Iraq, mostly in Fallujah, then Kirkuk. In between tours, an army buddy and I started a band, Pilly Wete and I think music really helped me in those days. A few years later, I went to Afghanistan in Kunar province. Both tours, we conducted route clearance (driving around clearing roadside bombs). After Afghanistan, a lot changed for me: I got out of the Army, went back to school, stopped making music and started having a tough time with mental health. All of these things seem to compound the significance of the others. Last year, I completed my doctorate in physical therapy and that education was so helpful, not just for the career, but because it taught me about the body, brain and changes we undergo when subjected to stressful experiences/environments. Since school, I’ve been focusing on being the best version of myself and part of that has been resuming music.”

Mike has planned and written a full Doc Straw & the Scarecrows album, which will finish recording soon. So far, four tracks have been recorded, with two being released. Straw has stayed creative and productive during the pandemic.

 “Since I’m a travel PT, I can hit the studio between contracts and some weekends. I’ll start playing live shows more once the album nears completion and Covid risk diminishes. For now, I’m focusing on recording and I stick to open mics/small shows with friends.” 

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