VantaVoid Debuts New Track “Burn” (Featuring Frankie Palmeri Of Emmure); Metalcore Duo Comprised Of Frank Groia (“CrankThatFrank”) And Tyler Young (Guitarist Of MAKEOUT)

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VantaVoid Debuts New Track “Burn”(Feat. Frankie Palmeri of Emmure)

Metalcore Duo Comprised of Frank Gioia (“CrankThatFrank”) and Tyler Young (Guitarist of MAKEOUT)
Stream The “Burn” Lyric Video Here 
“Burn is a song about destroying everything I love and hate. It comes from a very self-destructive time in my life where I didn’t want to channel my anger into anything but destroying every bridge I ever built. Not only is this the heaviest song we have, but Frankie Palmeri from Emmure adds his own flair to the track and we were fortunate to have Drew Fulk (WZRD BLD) mix it.”- Frank Gioia (VantaVoid)
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Official Lyric Video:
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In Metalcore, artistry is emblazoned with authenticity, pain and absolution. With VantaVoid, it is lead vocalist Frank Gioia and multi-instrumentalist Tyler Young.

With his razor-sharp voice and bravely confessional lyrics, lead vocalist Frank Gioia projects a striking identity. Through YouTube, and other online platforms, his CrankThatFrank persona and his emo-focused “Family-friendly alternative content,” has amassed close to 700K subscribers. “I’ve been making videos since 2013,” he confirms. “It’s always been music related. My audience is primed, and they have been waiting for me to release music.”

His musical counterpart Tyler Young defines the power of VantaVoid with a vivid palate of sonic textures. Well-known to concert and festival audiences as the guitarist from the band Makeout, Tyler explains that the genesis of VantaVoid was planted when he tweeted about wanting to write some heavy music. “I wrote, ‘I want to write metal, somebody help me.’ Frank answered with, ‘If you do a track, I will sing lead.’”

This initial collaboration, “Drowning,” debuting at #1 on the iTunes Metal charts, established a co-writing methodology wherein Tyler creates the track, which in turn, inspires Frank to imagine the melody and lyrics. For their first collaborations, Frank drew on his harrowing history of substances and circumstances. “My past struggles with addiction, and working through that process,” he explains. “I buried that version of myself through these songs, so it was very cathartic to write them.”

While the massive tracks sound like they were recorded in a colossal industrial complex, in reality, Tyler tracked the sounds in his Los Angeles apartment. In order to prevent eviction, he recorded live instruments, and Frank’s cord-shredding vocals during the day, when he hoped most of his neighbors were at work. The project was mixed and mastered by Drew Fulk, aka WZRD BLD, whose sonic sorcery shaped the final results.

VantaVoid takes their name from the color “vantablack” the darkest black in the color spectrum. While there is certainly plenty of darkness in their music, there is also illumination to fill the void. Frank testifies that pain can produce power. “The important thing with feeling emotion is to channel it through something positive and to create something to make other people feel good.”

Creating a safe space for all listeners – male, female, non-binary and beyond – is an encompassing ideology for VantaVoid.

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