theLINE Releases New EP And Unveil The Lead Single

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theLINE Release New EP and Unveil the Lead Single! 

theLINE released a new EP entitled “Sour To Punker” and recently unveiled the first single…

“Sour To Punker” was released on October 23rd via the band’s family label, ImageArt Records. No Echo calls the lead single “an epic cut from Sour to Punker that showcases a few sides of the group’s stylistic direction, including an arrangement that keeps the listener on its toes.”

A statement from the band describes the EP: 

“This batch of songs was primarily recorded over a couple sessions in late 2019 and finished right before Christmas, we recorded the songs live with minimal overdubs and no studio trickery. The songs ‘Hawkeye,’ ‘Unzip Your Lips’ and ‘Eternal Days’ are brand new compositions. In a hail mary, we decided to drop one more track that we wrote during the COVID-19 quarantine called ‘Harmony Do You Miss We,’ which we felt was the missing sonic angularity needed to round out ‘Sour to Punker.’ For our fans, we also wanted to include a couple old songs that we’ve had in our live show for years, but never properly recorded. ‘Strange Modesty’ appears on our 1992 demo known as ‘The Red Tape,’ but was never released other than bootlegs and as a bonus track on a reissue of our ‘Self-Titled’ album. The four-track demo of ‘Modem’ from 1997 was also released as a bonus track and resurfaced to become a fan favorite in our live show. The song has grown over the years and we always wanted to do it justice in the studio.”

A quick look back. From the early 1990s through to 2001, theLINE released four full-length studio albums to critical acclaim and achieved cult status globally as a dynamic and dangerous four piece that wasn’t limited to the sounds of the time. While the “Californian punk” movement swept just about every guitar band of the time into its all consuming three chord hook and melody tsunami (and theLINE got tossed in there with them by those too lazy to know better), the truth is the band stayed ruthless and committed to developing their own sound.

As founding member Donald Horne explains, “Playing art punk in the 90’s was an interesting place to be, the pop punk world was exploding and we were always grouped in with those bands, but since our records played more like a high tempo’ed RUSH 2112 or an early Iron Maiden record, we had to forge our own way, which was fine with us. We did our thing and have no regrets.”Despite enjoying eager support from a solid and loyal fan base, theLINE took an extended hiatus professionally to get some living done, but Ryan Immegart and co-founder Donald Horne continued writing music together with a view that reforming the band was inevitable when the timing became right. It’s a friendship forged on the discovery of the unknown. “We’ve been songwriting partners since high school and we push’s each another’s ideas to a place that neither of us can reach without the other. That’s where the sound of theLINE is born right there,” says Immegart.

Fast forward to today. Ryan and Donald, along with the unyielding energy of bassist Collin Schlesinger and drummer Jonah Immegart, form theLINE with arguably its most formidable and creatively diverse lineup. Not to mention, it’s a family affair since Jonah is Ryan’s son and Collin is practically his son-in-law. 

Says Immegart senior: “Ultimately, we are pushing to write music that is timeless. There’s no schtick. We’re building upon the experimental foundations of our past with an expansive energy. We’re here to break boundaries and genres that are all parts 70’s prog, 80’s punk, the art punk of the early 90’s and churn it into something unknown, unpredictable and completely un-shit and still with meaty hooks that’ll rip right into you.”

theLINE is:
Ryan Immegart – guitar/vocals
Donald horne – guitar/vocals
Collin Schlesinger – bass/backing vocals
Jonah Immegart – drums

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