Thorn Premieres “Fields Of Blight” At Sleeping Village Reviews

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Thorn – The Encompassing Nothing (September 18th)
Premiere of ‘Fields Of Blight’ at Sleeping Village Reviews

First 50 tapes sold out already! More announce soon, CD orders still available
Band: Thorn
Album: The Encompassing Nothing
Format: EP (Digital & Physical)
Release date: September 18th, 2020
Genre: Death metal, doom metal
Based in Arizona, USA

Bandcamp – Instagram

Cavernous. Brooding. Bleak. Thorn is a one-man project from Phoenix, Arizona specializing in the foreboding and ominous. Weaving elements of death metal, doom, post and grind, the debut release “The Encompassing Nothing” is the ideal soundscape for worshipping pagan gods and making offerings to unknown entities. Created by the guitarist from Xeno Ooze and Glitterbomb.

Seven-song debut EP was released physically through Gurgling Gore Records on cassette tape, while CDs are available through Brutal Cave Productions, as of September 18th. The EP is available digitally through Bandcamp and all major streaming services.

Mixed and Mastered by Prey For Death Productions

Artwork by Such Is Life

The Encompassing Nothing

September 18th, 2020

1. Chasms of Rust 01:48    
2. Häxan Womb 02:56    
3. Pagan’s Monolith 02:30
4. Old Father Below 02:40
5. Returning to Dust 02:40
6. Fields of Blight 02:52
7. The Encompassing Nothing 03:34

Track premiere of “Haxan Womb” on Straight To The Core Podcast

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