Speed Control Release New Single “Inspector Tang”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Speed Control*

We’re Speed Control, hailing from Canada’s North in the Yukon. We’re back today with a bigger sound; “Inspector Tang” is our first single in four years. Punchy, hard-hitting and energizing, stream it now on SoundCloud + via Aesthetic Magazine‘s exclusive premiere.

Inspector Tang is a hero, on a mission, who has found himself caught up in everyone else’s problems that he was hired to solve. He realizes that he can’t be their conscience, since he’s struggling to be his own and needs to reach his personal goals.  
Credit: Christopher Griffiths 

Too many people put faith in others to get things done and in doing so they take the blame off themselves if things go sideways. The responsibility is on you to follow through. You’re not the only one with issues. You are not the only one who tries to run, but it’s up to you to get it done. 

We originally recorded this track at Breakglass Studios in Montreal, I believe actually, we were the last band to record in their live room before it shut down. The mixing console that everything ran through was the one that Led Zeppelin recorded ‘Physical Graffiti’ through. Fast forward six months to a new Covid reality. Mixing happens with Jan De Vroede in Belgium, live streaming with his studio/team in Denmark. Then, it comes back to Speed Control in the Yukon, we assess, send back with any changes. Going forward from this track, the process will be to record in the Yukon, send all the raw tracks to Jan in Belgium. 

Nothing is going to stop you. Put the pedal to the floor and make that getaway. 

Speed Control

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P.S: As a band, we’re passionate about music education for all ages, running our own rock camp and workshops.  
Photo Credit: Gabor Nagy

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