Devon Kay And The Solutions Release ‘Limited Joy’

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Devon Kay and the Solutions Release Limited Joy

I don’t know what you could possibly be talking about. There is absolutely no way that Devon Kay and the Solutions just dropped a new album. They said they were only releasing four fire ass singles…SURPRISE! As it turns out, Devon Kay and the Solutions recorded 11 FIRE ASS SINGLES and they make up their wonderful new album, Limited Joy. The album is available now on all streaming platforms and you can also head over to New Noise Magazine for a special track by track rundown/stream of Limited Joy by Devon KayAdditionally, A-F Records launched the vinyl pre-order for Limited Joy, but don’t expect those to arrive until late October. With the energy of Jeff Rosenstock, big horn lines like those of The Hippos and Less Than Jake and even a little bit of new wave thrown in, there is just no way that you’re not going to enjoy Limited Joy.


Bio: Devon Kay has used the term “the Solutions” to describe the members of his band his entire life. “The problem is,” Devon says, “my songs are only really good as the people in the band.” This is noticeable on the band’s third full-length release Limited Joy. What was mainly a three-piece band, where Devon would experiment with his song writing, became a full six-piece rock spectacle on the band’s latest effort. Longtime members/songwriters Devon Kay & Ryan Scottie (Drums) perfected a remote platform of recording after the best friends moved to different coasts. This style is showcased on last year’s album, Yes, I Can’t.

“We haven’t stepped foot inside a real studio in ages. There is no point. We are all budget-minded people who make art with our own money. We don’t dream of setting up for two weeks in a studio. We like to work on stuff after work in our home studios that for some of us are just laptops and some consumer microphones.”

Limited Joy is a step in a much larger direction for The Solutions. With the addition of Jacob Horn (Trombone), Jake Levinson (Bass), Ian Terry (Trumpet), & Joram Zbichorski (Keyboards), the band can now dip into a whole new world of sounds. Pulling inspiration from a love of pop punk and ska to new wave influence to big band horn lines, The Solutions are open to expanding the “ska-punk” genre to something you don’t need to apologize for liking… modern ska fans get it. 

“All of these new Solutions are all crazy good musicians from Wisconsin. I dunno why I found this treasure trove of WI musicians by way of Chicago, but I did and you can’t have them.”

Since returning in 2019, the band is in full force with a new signing to A-F Records and has shared the stage with bands like The All American Rejects, Bomb the Music Industry! & Dollar Signs.

Jeff Rosenstock, The Hippos, Less Than Jake, Los Campesinos

Release Date: August 21st, 2020
Label: A-F Records
Formats: Digital/Vinyl
Devon Kay and the Solutions: Bandcamp | Facebook |  | Instagram | Twitter
A-F Records: Bandcamp | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Album Credits:
Devon Kay – Vocals & Guitar
Ryan Scottie – Drums
Jake Levinson – Bass
Jacob Horn – Trombone
Ian Terry – Trumpet
Joram Zbichorski – Keyboards

All music written and performed by Devon Kay and the Solutions
Mixed and Mastered by Mike Kennerty & Erik Atwell

Album Art:
Walker DuBois

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