MATTE BLVCK Releases Video For “Bare”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Mora/May Agency*

Matte Blvck is an electronic group out of San Diego, California, producing sounds of sinister pleasures, visual arts and mechanical tinged dance music. The group captures lush dark-synth stylings complimented by gritty industrial anthems, while embodying their affinity for underground techno. Alex Gonzales, Bidi Cobra and Daniel Corrales serve as the three-piece ensemble. Coming from various influences, the trio come together to compliment their vast and scattered ideas to now form their own brand of club aesthetic. 

The debut album ‘I’m Waving, Not Drowning’ is set to release this Fall following their singles “Pure,” and their ageless rendition of “Stripped“ from standout titans Depeche Mode. The record was mostly written during the global-wide shutdown due to COVID-19 and has spawned an introverted, yet relatable sound. An album created in isolation touching on topics such as pain, panic and suffering, yet conceiving a light at the end of the tunnel. Hence, the title of the Album, ‘I’m Waving, Not Drowning.’

Their new single entitled “BARE” narrates a journey of self-discovery that goes horribly wrong. Alex Gonzales reveals, “It’s about opening yourself up and looking within only to find that amongst the beauty of one’s soul could lie a horrible monster within. In order to find the path to enlightenment, you must confront and learn to understand that evil inside you. You either embrace that monster and become something motivated completely by evil, or you tackle it head-on knowing that by acknowledging and fighting that demon every day, you can become a better person.”

Visual art created by:
Lake Hills Social handles: @lakehills_And Alex Casillas instagram: @alex_casillas

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