Vast Caldera Releases Self-Produced Instrumental EP ‘Vast Caldera 1’

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Promo cover artVast Caldera
Vast Caldera 1 
Induced Records 
1 September 2020
Dense psychedelia, modern electronica and proggy Crimson-vibes unite in solo NYC-based musician Vast Caldera‘s debut self-produced instrumental EP “Vast Caldera 1.” Vast Caldera serves as a vessel of expression for musician Justin Weiss, who embraced his twin loves of classic rock and electronic music when developing this new EP.

From the Artist:
Every track should be a journey that takes you to the horizon and back. The goal from day one was to capture the type of guitar riffs that I loved from the 70s and 80s and infuse it with the modern soundscape of electronic music.

Artist Name: Vast Caldera
Location: New York City, NY
Release Title: Vast Caldera 1
Release Date: 09/01/2020
Label/Distro: Induced Records/CD Baby
Musician Names/Instruments: Justin Weiss (guitar/ production)
Producer Name(s): Abe Duque
Similar/RIYL: Led Zeppelin, Pretty Lights, Hans Zimmer, Nine Inch Nails, The Black Keys
Genre(s): Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Electronic, Electronic Rock, Electronica, Soundtrack, Instrumental


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Artist Biography:
Way back in the day, Justin Weiss picked up his dad’s iPod, and life was never the same. That family road trip taught him that good music sounded like Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and Metallica. That trip lead to 10 years of guitar practice spent recreating the classics.

College ushered in exposure to the electronic scene. Artists like Pretty Lights and Bassnectar taught him that the sounds of the future rocked (almost) as much as classic rock. Learning how to make computer sounds quickly became the next priority. Then, one day he tried writing his own riffs and things got really interesting.

Making electronic music changed everything by empowering him to finally turn riffs into songs. With this final piece of the puzzle, the vision for Vast Caldera quickly came together. The goal became to capture the rock riffs that were his musical first love and combine them with the vibe and the pulse of electronic shows. You can find Justin Weiss making that happen in his NYC apartment, where he also does 3D animation for hire.    

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