In Parallel (Ex-Members Of Celebrity & Hopesfall) Wrestles With Depression And Co-Dependency On Stunning New Track “Deep Dark” From New ‘Fashioner’ EP Out Now; Mixed By Ken Andrews (Failure, Year Of The Rabbit)

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“’Deep Dark’ started as an idea several years ago and was completed during the making of Fashioner, when the band revisited the idea and let the song’s emotion that originally inspired it determine its final shape. The song’s subject matter deals with the overwhelming feeling of depression and the codependency that often comes with it. Its chorus concludes that we are complex human beings living in a world with little tolerance for mistakes or flaws: ‘We’re the sum of the ocean and its deepest parts. Where it ends, and where it starts. We’ve asked for nothing, but you understand what a perfect world demands.”– Lance Black (vocals, guitar)
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Nashville, TN’s In Parallel have dropped another track off their new EP “Fashioner” mixed by Ken Andrews (Failure, Year Of The Rabbit) released September 4th on Wiretap Records.

The band, which consists of members of Celebrity & Hopesfall, released their debut album “Broken Codes” in 2018, which yielded seven songs – touching on themes of power, control, and human connection.

The new “Fashioner” EP was recorded over the course of 2019 in the band’s home studio.

About the band:

The seeds of In Parallel were planted late at night almost five-plus years ago in the back room of a picture frame shop. With nothing more than a looped electronic drum sample and a few guitars, the first notes became the framework of the song “Bridge And Tunnel.” This particular song and its lyric “walk through waves and wade where others won’t – choose your words, say what others don’t” became a mission statement of sorts – a musical rebirth for its four members.

It took multiple recordings for the band to get all the sounds on their debut EP ‘Broken Codes’ correct – so much so that they scrapped the first two versions entirely. The band was inspired by their love of dark 80’s pop and 90’s shoegaze and post-hardcore – creating a sound that aims to balance contrastingly melodic, expansive and ambient moments.

In Parallel consists of Lance Black, Jesse Fine, Ryan Parrish and Mark Nash. The band recorded the EP in Nashville with the help of their most devoted fans from previous projects (Celebrity/Hopesfall) through a crowdfunding campaign. Bypassing the traditional structure of the music industry gave the three-piece group the freedom to lean into technology, ultimately treading new territory both sonically and lyrically.
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