Wildcat Hawkins Releases New Single “Walk Straight” Feat. 3MCM

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Wildcat Hawkins*

“Walk Straight” is the first collaboration from Eau Claire, Wisconsin’s Wildcat Hawkins and Oregon-based songwriter and producer 3MCM (Three Moves Checkmate). It features a synth wave influence and R&B-style vocals with a short rap. 

While both artists stay busy playing guitar and writing in various genres, 3MCM (David Haffner) is particularly busy. He’s getting ready to release soulful songs with group The Four And The Five and his own folk punk project, Oceans.  

“Music is my life. It’s not just something I do, it is who I am. If I’m not creating something musically every day, I will actually get anxious for not doing so. I find that by working towards my goals and helping people through my musical creations, I am able to find peace within myself and share that peace with those around me. I’m so grateful to have met Wildcat Hawkins this year ’cause he helped bring my solo music to the next level, including getting radio time for this release! Like seriously, who’s childhood dreams growing up didn’t include at least one time on the radio! This is only the beginning,” said Haffner.

Hawkins said, “I’m super excited to move from my slow and contemplative sound from ‘Rough Diamond’ in pursuit of an electro pop sound.  I’ve had this vision for a while and going from doing everything myself to focusing on singing with amazing tracks is beyond fulfilling. I not only expect this sound to reach a broader audience, but I have a lot of fun!  We have more singles coming.”

“Walk Straight” premiered on Oct. 2 on Converge Radio in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and was quickly met with overwhelmingly positive reviews from indie Instagram and radio listeners in the Eau Claire area.  

The song will be available on Spotify and Bandcamp soon. 

Instagram – @oceans_pnw  @wildcat_hawkins


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