Swiss Alternative Indie/Folk/Pop Songwriter Claudio Bagnato Shares New Single “The Shower”; Debut Solo Album Out This Fall

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Swiss alternative indie/folk/pop songwriter Claudio Bagnato shared new single “The Shower” // Debut solo album out this fall on physical & digital

Former member of the Swiss rock/metal bands Poison Heidi and Silver Dust, Claudio Bagnato just officially launched its solo indie/pop/folk project under its own name and unveiled a first single called “The Shower” on video and streaming through the main legal platforms.

Ths single will feature of Claudio’s debut solo album ‘Nowhere’ coming out on October and distributed on CD, LP & Digital through Hummus Records (Emilie Zoé, etc.)
For fans of Bob Dylan, Girl In Red, Oasis, Chelsea Wolfe, Billie Eilish,…

…Official statement…

Here we are. You can’t imagine how much I’m excited, happy, scared and so proud to feature my first single « The Shower » from my upcoming album on October. It was a long road, a long struggle and it’s not yet win. But I fight and I believe in it.

End December, 2019, I was ready to end my life. I used to think about death every single day, hopefully my lucky stars gave me a sign to not cross the red line. Today I’m alive. I spend two months in a psychiatric hospital, at Bellelay in Switzerland, trying to understand, to go on, and to treat myself…. I didn’t give up. From this journey, and with the kindly help of the hospital team, I wrote, composed and recorded couple of songs in my hospital room, between therapy and cigarettes.
Now, I’m presenting you « The Shower ».
In this song I talk about my frequent awakening in the hospital. I often did anxiety attacks. I could stay 30 minutes in the shower, sitting on the tiled floor, crying, trying to understand what happened to me. I used to have shower to wash away sins and deep suffering. Sometimes, I wanted to continue to move, other times I wanted to die. Sometimes I couldn’t remember who I was or what I’ve been. These episodes were repeated in successive morning. « Tomorrow is another day », a way to get motivated, to liberate myself from my depressive torments. To tell myself that tomorrow will be brighter despite my uncertain mental situation..
(Claudio Bagnato)

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