Ben Labat Releases Dice Tumblin’ Anthemic Single, “Die Trying”

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Los Angeles, CA — Ben Labat has released a new single, “Die Trying,” (Labatique Music) today, his second from a three-song collection of tracks.

The Louisiana-based songwriter has led an eventful existence, recorded with Greg Ladanyi, sang a duet with Jackson Browne and the new series of singles reflects the influence of the journey.

“Die Trying” is a gritty horn-infused Americana cut adding depth to Labat’s emotional and vivid body of work, which already encompasses five studio albums and a handful of singles. The song was written and produced by Ben Labat and recorded at The Music Shed studio in New Orleans and then mixed and mastered by Robby Smith.

“Plain and simple, “Die Trying” is a roots rock tune about “going for it,” digging deep, putting your head down, clinching your jaw and pushing forward,” he says. “ I’ve always been a dreamer that wasn’t scared to act.  It truly breaks my heart to see people give up on a dream, lose their passion or stop fighting for a near and dear cause, so this tune is for those of us that won’t. ‘We’re either gonna get there or we’re gonna die trying to.’”

Labat treated fans to an exclusive first look at “Die Trying,” with Performer Magazine. Click HERE to read the full article.



Labat took inspiration from his life when it came time to write this trio of songs. Speaking about the track, he says, “In everything we’ve done and will ever do, there was and is going to be a first step.  Sometimes it’s tough to change or leave or start or even quit.  The first step is always more than just that. It’s so much more.”

“It’s been an interesting road full of heartfelt greetings, cold goodbyes, successes, failures, falling and getting up,” Labat says of the winding path that led to his latest collection of compelling new Americana material. “But I truly believe the ringing in the ears is worth a song in the heart.”

“This is probably the most fun and hopeful collection of songs I’ve created so far,” he states. “These songs are about going for it, taking that first step, blasting off and going down in flames. You either get there or you die trying, no Plan B.”  That assessment is confirmed by the clever lyrical insight and catchy melodic craftsmanship of the new songs: “So Much More,” (June 26) about which American Songwriter says, “When inspiration hits, run with it and get the idea down before it fades away. And that’s what Ben Labat did with “So Much More,” a happy, soulful Americana track that makes you want to dance and sing along and, well, so much more,” “Die Trying,” out today, and “Rocket Heart” (TBD).

While in quarantine, Labat help spearhead The Bayou Fever Sessions, a group dedicated to assisting those musicians making a large part of their living on the road, supplementing that income through donations to perform more frequently as studio musicians on recordings under ‘The Bayou Fever Sessions.’ In addition, he performed live on WVUE-TV Fox 8 in New Orleans, as part of their Louisiana Rising Songs From Home sessions and was interviewed by Nicholls State University radio station KNSU (91.5 FM) in Thibodaux, Louisiana.

After a series of tragic events, in 2010, Labat launched Ben Labat & the Happy Devil as his creative outlet. The new band released four acclaimed albums, A Face for Radio, Soapbox Anthems, The Revival and Homeward, between 2010 and 2017. All four self-produced albums showcased Labat’s rapidly maturing songwriting and increasingly expansive musical vision, while the band earned a reputation as a first-rate live act whose upbeat, uplifting shows offered a potent mix of powerful originals and artfully rendered cover material.

Labat’s vibrant compositions are firmly rooted in the experience of a keen-eyed observer who’s seen the highs and lows that life has to offer, and who continues to absorb new insights while working and raising three children.

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