Haneri Shares Pop Anthem “Y Didn’t You Say So”

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Haneri shares pop anthem ‘Y Didn’t You Say So

Singapore-Australian funk infused-pop songstress Haneri (formerly Daphne Khoo) returns with a brand new boldly honest and upbeat single “Y Didn’t You Say So,” out now. We haven’t been able to stop dancing and now we’re excited you can join us! “Y Didn’t You Say So” follows the release of “IDWLY,” released in January, both showcasing Haneri’s cheery dance driven new sound. “Y Didn’t You Say So” is a reflection on the ability to grow from past mistakes while learning to love and accept yourself for everything you are and can be. No more holding back, now is the time to be yourself and embrace every single moment of it.

Haneri is set to release another single this year (which we can’t wait to share), leading up to the release of her EP MILLIONA, due out late November. She aims to bring out her bold new self with MILLIONA. In her words, “Be you. Be weird. Be amazing.”

Haneri emerged on the scene in 2017, gracing the Spotify New Music Friday cover and charting at #9 in Singapore and six other countries with her first singles “Burning Up” and “Feel Alright.” She’s also seen success in the EDM world with her co-releases with DJ/Producer DASCO, Dash Berlin and more. Her latest tracks highlight Haneri’s gift of blending genres and expressive songwriting into lovable and highly addicting pop/funk/disco jams. All proving she really is an artist to have on your radar in 2020 and beyond.

Haneri on “Y Didn’t You Say So”:
“‘Y Didn’t You Say So’ is my way of being fed up and frustrated, but also laughing off how men don’t know how to tell you what they want. It embraces my ability to ask a guy out, ‘Hey, what’s your name?’ which is something in the past I would never have done (I mean it’s something I still have to work on), but in finding that strength realizing that nothing in life needs to be taken too seriously and being confused and in like with someone is okay. I’m sure the ambiguity with dating these days is hella frustrating and this song is all about that giddy and nauseating time where no one knows if it’s for fun or for keeps. We’re all growing, so I thought why not grow up and say it to him in a song.” 

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