A Killer’s Confession Releases Official Quarantine Video For “LAST CHANCE”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Independent Music Promotions*

Promo cover art A Killer’s Confession
Last Chance
Wake Up Music Rocks
10 April 2020
Cleveland, OH-based Rock group A Killer’s Confession are celebrating the release of new single “Last Chance,” released April 10 via Wake Up Music Rocks. The track showcases the band’s crushing musical output as well as frontman Waylon Reavis’s melodic range. They recorded an official quarantine music video for the track.

About the video: The guys in AKC are stuck at home due to the COVID-19 quarantine, so due to the situation, they were not able to come together to shoot this video. The band decided to go DIY and shot this video with handheld cameras and cell phones while sitting at home and respecting the social distancing order. We hope everyone is staying safe. Remember we are all in this together and we can make the best of any situation given. Also, we had an old friend make a special appearance! Thank you to Justin Bontiz from TALLAH. 

Stream “Last Chance” via Spotify.

Artist Name: A Killer’s Confession
Location: Cleveland OH
Release Title: Last Chance
Released: April 10, 2020
Label: Wake Up Music Rocks
Musician Names/Instruments:
Waylon Reavis- Vocals
Morgan Bauer- Drums
Thomas Church- Guitar
Brock Starr- Guitar
JP Cross- Bass
Producer Name(s): Sahaj Ticotin, Jim Wert

Artist Biography: Waylon Reavis: Sometimes Dreams Come True.

A Killer’s Confession-The Indifference Of Good Men.

For Waylon Reavis, the founder and frontman of A Killer’s Confession, it took 17 years before he decided the time was right to found his own band in 2016. This was a lifetime’s ambition and something he had been working towards throughout a career that has seen him star in several successful metal  groups. In 2016, Waylon Reavis’ dream of founding his own group became a reality.

His new group stared to take shape after guitarist Mathew Trumpy sent Waylon Reavis several songs and the last one he listened to was “A Killer’s Confession.” When he heard the song, he knew that somehow, he had to convince guitarist and  songwriter Mathew Trumpy to join him in the band.

After hearing the song, Waylon Reavis sent “A Killer’s Confession” to his friend and Korn guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch, who he hoped would produce the song. While Brian ‘Head’ Welch didn’t produce the “A Killer’s Confession,” he agreed to play on the track. This was a boost for Waylon Reavis, as his music continued full steam ahead.

With Mathew Trumpy onboard and Brian ‘Head’ Welch agreeing to play on “A Killer’s Confession,” the rest of the band soon took shape.

Just a week after the lineup was complete, Waylon Reavis and his new band were in the studio recording their debut album. By then, Waylon Reavis and Matthew Trumpy had already formed a successful songwriting partnership.

The new album which later, became “Unbroken,” took 30 days to write and quickly took shape. Before long, Waylon Reavis’ debut album as bandleader was complete.

Initially, Waylon Reavis wanted to call his new band Unbroken, but there was already a band using that name. He decided to call the group A Killer’s Confession, after Matthew Trumpy’s song. A Killer’s Confession, was a new chapter in the story that is Waylon Reavis.

The next step was for Waylon Reavis to announce his plans for A Killer’s Confession. In September 2016, he announced on his Facebook page and then via a press release that A Killer’s Confession had signed to EMP Label Group and that the band would release the album in the spring of 2017. Before that, A Killer’s Confession released their debut single.

This was A Killer’s Confession, which featured Korn guitarist Brian “Head” Welch and lent its name to Waylon Reavis’ new band. It was released on Halloween 2016 and was a tantalizing taste of what was to come from A Killer’s Confession.

Having released their debut single, Waylon Reavis and his new band A Killer’s Confession headed out on their first tour during December 2016.  The band enjoyed their debut tour, and were excited and looking forward to making their live debut in their hometown. That took place on the ’17th’ December, when A Killer’s Confession played the Cleveland Agora.

Waylon Reavis and the rest of A Killer’s Confession unleashed a barnstorming performance in front a hometown audience who welcomed back the comeback King, Waylon Reavis. This was the perfect way for A Killer’s Confession to end 2016.

As 2017 dawned, Waylon Reavis’ new band A Killer’s Confession had come a long way in a short space of time. He and the rest of the band were looking forward to the release of their debut album Unbroken in May.

When A Killer’s Confession released their debut album “Unbroken” on the ’12th’ of May 2017,  it was to widespread critical acclaim as expected. This launched the career of A Killer’s Confession, and was the start of a new chapter in the career of the band’s frontman, Waylon Reavis.

It was hard to believe that his new band didn’t even exist a year earlier. Everything had happened so quickly for Waylon Reavis, the founder and frontman of A Killer’s Confession.

Just a few months after the release of “Unbroken,” A Killer’s Confession’s contract with EMP Group expired. By then, A Killer’s Confession had already started recording their sophomore album and had recorded a couple of singles which they were amped to release. The only problem was they were no longer signed to a record company.

This wasn’t going to stop Waylon Reavis and A Killer’s Confession moving forward, so they decided to do what many other artists and groups were doing and self-released their new single “Angel On The Outside,” a soul-baring song about Waylon Reavis’ departure from a previous group. It showed another side to A Killer’s Confession and Waylon Reavis, and is regarded as one the band’s finest songs which showcases a truly talented songwriter and vocalist. Unsurprisingly, “Angel On The Outside” has become one of A Killer’s Confession’s most popular songs.

For the followup to “Angel On The Outside,” “I Wish” was chosen and released later in 2017. It was A Killer’s Confession’s last release of 2017, a year that saw them release their debut album, two singles and become a hugely popular live draw. The band had come a long way in just over a year.

In 2018, A Killer’s Confession returned with a new single “Reanimated,” which they self-released. During the rest of 2018, Waylon Reavis and the rest of A Killer’s Confession continued to divide their time touring and recording their much-anticipated sophomore album. They were also looking for a new record company to release their sophomore album.

It was during 2018 that Pepper Gomez, the founder and CEO of Chicago and Miami based Wake Up! Music Group, first heard A Killer’s Confession. Immediately on hearing that sound, she knew that the group had a big future ahead of them and was driven to sign them to Wake Up! Music Group. She got in contact with A Killer’s Confession’s then manager. Sadly, after just two meetings, the band’s former manager ghosted on Pepper Gomez and the talks came to nothing. It looked like the end of the story.

Fast forward to the spring 2019, when Pepper Gomez remembered how she tried to sign A Killer’s Confession. She decided that  she was going to try once more to sign A Killer’s Confession to Wake Up! Music Group.  Pepper Gomez put out a Facebook post saying: “AKC, I still love you and want to sign you to my label. Find me!” Fortunately, Waylon Reavis’ wife, Julie Reavis, saw the post and got in touch with Pepper Gomez and soon, talks were underway.

It wasn’t long before A Killer’s Confession were signing on the dotted line, and became the newest addition to Wake Up! Music’s impressive and burgeoning roster of artists and bands.

Before long, plans  were being made to release A Killer’s Confession’s much-anticipated sophomore album, The Indifference Of Good Men. Numb would be released as the lead single on the ‘20th’ of September 2019 by Wake Up! Music. Then came the main event,  The Indifference Of Good Men, which was released worldwide by Wake Up! Music on the ’18th’ of October 2019 and showcases the massive talents of A Killer’s Confession, who were founded by Waylon Reavis, who dared to dream of founding his own group and is creating unstoppable music.

 All © Wake Up! Music Group www.wakeupmusicgroup.com 
Twitter: @WakeUpMusicGrp

A Killer’s Confession 
Official: http://akillersconfessionband.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/akillersconfession 
Instagram: www.instagram.com/a_killers_confession

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