KID DAD Release New Single And Music Video “What You Call A Dream”; Debut Full-Length ‘In A Box’ Out Now Via Long Branch Records

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KID DAD have released their new track ‘What You Call A Dream,’ which follows the story of a protagonist who realizes too late that he has lived his life for someone else. A band performance music video has also been released alongside the track.

Stream the ‘What You Call A Dream’ video here:

Stream the single here:

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This latest single from the German four-piece is pacy and powerful with an energetic lead riff. It demonstrates the band’s punkier side, following on from recently released tracks ‘Limbo’ and ‘A Prison Unseen,’ and reflects their playful preferences with the use of delays, and the interaction between distorted and clean signals.

‘What You Call A Dream’ was a spontaneous jam that came naturally to the band and was written in just an hour. “Marius, Michi, and I were in the rehearsal room at some point and hadn’t actually planned on writing a song. The whole thing went faster than we ever thought it was possible. Everything came together without us having to think twice about what would happen next,” says Max (bass, backing vocals).

The new track features on the band’s debut album ‘In A Box’ which was released August 21 via Long Branch Records. Marius (vocals, guitar) says of the upcoming album, “We are not linear, easy to calculate or predictable. We are individual human beings who react individually. Nobody is allowed to determine what to be afraid of and what to look forward to. Nobody except oneself. Nobody knows everything about themselves – we are definitely still battling with questions. One may even sometimes wonder why one is the way one is – we definitely do. You are not alone and this album is meant to help you understand that.”

Max: Maximilian Alexander Zdunek (Bass/Backing Vocals)
Marius: Marius Vieth (Vocals/Guitar)
Michael/Michi: Michael Reihle (Drums)
Yoshi: Joshua Meinert (Guitar)

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Photo: Max Zdunek

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Album Cover Art

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Single Cover Art


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