Jesse Roper Releases New Single “Right Now”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Jesse Roper*

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Excited to announce my new single “Right Now” is live now on all streaming platforms!

The first from my forthcoming album, Horizons.  Spotify 🌻  Apple Music

Right Now” is a social commentary about the division between the masses currently facing our world. Recorded with Gus Van Go and Werner F (Arkells, Hollerado, The Trews), I found myself going in a political direction. Something new for me so I was a little nervous. 


Written from an observational standpoint, there’s damage being done from errant comments by the leader of the United States; serving to divide the country, with more focus on his own legacy than America’s.

The news is blown up with stories of right vs left, rich vs poor and the division in the people. Maybe I’m just getting old and paying more attention. Maybe it’s owning a wireless device that spits the headlines at me everyday, but things don’t seem united down south. 

The world has been crazy as far back as history can recount. I want to rock the fuck out, sing things into a microphone that I believe and crush guitar riffs I love playing.   

Stay tuned for the video to follow.

~ Jesse Roper

Photo Credit: Berkley Vopnfjord

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