Ron Hawkins And The Do Good Assassins Release Official Video For “Teenage Insurrection”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Ron Hawkins And The Do Good Assassins*

Credit: Robert Ciolfi
My self-produced track, “Teenage Insurrection,” is a call to every human to tap into that insurrectionary energy we had access to as 16 year olds. To put a shoulder to the wheel and do positive things in our lives.
Every idle minute is a murdered one. How do we spend our time on this earth as productively and excitingly as we can, to become the most actualized versions of ourselves?
Listen to “Teenage Insurrection” on Spotify and Apple Music, and watch the official video on YouTube now.
I feel like the excitement, earnestness and drama of our early teenage years is packed with the kind of inspirational energy that we sought to capture with the organic buzz of this song.
Recording on the 4 track brought memories rushing back to me; the same excited urgency I felt when I first recorded on the exact same Tascam 4 track back in 1985 writing my first awkward songs. The smell of head cleaner and that magical ozone smell from the capstan and the mechanical parts transported me to a time when I first fell in love with music and its endless possibilities.
246, my new album with The Do Good Assassins, was released on August 28, 2020.
Ron Hawkins and The Do Good Assassins

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Credit: Robert Ciolfi

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