Chladny Releases Video For “Can You See It On My Face?”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Chladny*

We want you to chill out this summer and spend time with our latest single, “Can You See It On My Face?” The song’s inspiration came from our synth player, Ryan Hage, who was reflecting on the anxiety that comes along with how obvious your personal struggle can be to the individuals in your life.
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There are elements of humour and darkness in this track, which we like to balance in our music. “Can You See It On My Face?” is about all the ways trying to play it cool and keeping your head up can weigh you down. It considers the feeling of wondering if those around you are aware of your problems and placate you, which can ultimately get in the way of your healing.
Once it is safe to do so, we will be going back into the studio to record our next full-length album for you, which we look forward to sharing!
We encourage you to take some time to self reflect as you listen.
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