Staten Island, NY’s Until We Get Caught Release New EP ‘Surface’; Includes The Track “Fading Out” (Feat. Kellin Quinn)

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Earshot Media*

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Staten Island, NY, 5-piece Until We Get Caught is comprised of Aleks Gershman (unclean vocals), Chris Brady (clean vocals), Ricardo Garcia (guitar), Dino Zawadski (bass guitar), and Chris Petrocchi (drums).

UWGC formed in the late summer of 2014. After 2 releases as a pop-punk band, they have completely overhauled their sound to a more dark, gritty metalcore vibe that they like to call ‘Whatever-Core.’

The band’s new EP ‘Surface’ was released on July 31 via InVogue Records.

Watch the video for “Fading Out” (feat Kellin Quinn) here:

Stream the single (at well over 50k streams already) on digital platforms here:


‘Surface’ Tracklisting:

1 Ghost

2 Fading Out (feat. Kellin Quinn)

3 The Surface

4 Burn For Me

5 One Of Us


Aleks Gershman – Unclean Vocals

Chris Brady- Clean Vocals

Ricardo Garcia- Guitar

Dino Zawadski- Bass Guitar

Chris Petrocchi- Drums


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