Ferraro Releases Lyric Video For “Fool’s Paradise”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Ferraro*

Seeing so many people, friends, loved ones, bogged down by a life they don’t particularly enjoy, desperately craving some spontaneity shaped our new single, “Fool’s Paradise.”
We co-wrote this song with Joel Stouffer and The Darcys, produced by The Darcys, and recorded at Dream House Studios. Having played the song live for some time, we felt confident in our ability to nail the studio performance and walk out with a product we were all excited about.

Sometimes you have to take a momentary, possibly reckless, release from the difficulties life throws your way. Revel in the instant gratification of a night of debauchery with no regard for the looming consequences.

We’re very excited to share “Fool’s Paradise” with you – thanks for listening!



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