The Safest Ledge Release Official Music Video For “Grey Matter” Via BVTV Music

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Elvis Andromeda Maryshine*

Photo courtesy of Elvis Andromeda Maryshine.

Post-hardcore emo group The Safest Ledge (Youngstown, Ohio) recently released the music video for their single “Grey Matter” from their EP ‘The Space Between Words,’ which came out in July 2020.

You can check out the video premiere on YouTube via BVTV Music here.

Quote from guitarist Mason Boano on the single:

“‘The Space Between Words’ is the embodiment of all of our grief, concern, and anguish; wrapped into this abrasive, open package. The point isn’t just to write a catchy song, and have a melodic presentation. It’s to make you listen and think, ‘Wow that’s open, wow that’s really telling.’ We all resonate with transparency and openness through lyrics, and I feel that we’ve really hit the mark on this.”

The quartet focuses on bringing a unique blend of sounds to the table; transcending the space of ‘genre’ in an effort to capture “feeling” in their music and has opened for numerous national acts including Silent Planet, Stray From The Path, Kublai Khan & Landon Tewers.

The band is comprised of Boano, vocalist Kennedy Conti, bassist Mike Orf and drummer Joey Koval.

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