Serpent Servant Slave (Feat. Jesse Smith, Ex-Zao) Debuts New Single “Whatchu Doin’ Wanting More?” Off Debut LP ‘Headless’ Out Now

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Serpent Servant Slave Debuts New Single “Whatchu Doin’ Wanting More?”

New Project of Jesse Smith (Zao, Gods, Jesse Smith & The Holy Ghost) and Breyer White

Debut Album ‘Headless’ Out Now

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Stream ‘Headless’ here:

Stream/share the music video for “Whatchu Doin’ Wanting More?” here:

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“I like to leave the interpretation to the listener, but for me personally the song has dual meaning: It’s about the power of will & intention, as well as accepting the present moment and maintaining presence; whatever the situation. I wrote it at a time where I was pushing for a lot of change, but at the same time losing sight of what was already in front of me. It’s easy to forget the simple gifts of existence….our vibratory energetics craft our reality.”Jesse Smith


‘Headless’ is the debut album from Serpent Servant Slave, the newest group assembled by Jesse Smith (Zao, Gods, Jesse Smith & The Holy Ghost). Formed near the end of the line for The Holy Ghost, Smith began to explore different instrumentation and took on a collaboration with Breyer White…and Serpent Servant Slave was born.

Headless finds the duo exploring elements of electronica and alt-rock, blending it with some not-so-subtle gothic undertones and – at times – tipping their toes into an almost industrial-like sound. While the album themes are rather dark, they are also melodious and harmonic. Simply put, these songs have killer hooks that get stuck in your head with a constant throbbing beat that will keep your toes tapping along.

While ‘Headless’ will be available via all digital outlets, it will also be pressed on a super limited vinyl release. The vinyl version will be spread across three different variants, limited to only 300 copies for the entire run.

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Official Music Video

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