Mear Releases Official Video For “Perfect Mess”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Mear*

Perfect Mess” is a duet about two people stumbling their way through a breakup after many years together: the realization, the pain, and the letting go. At the same time, it’s an upbeat, dreamy song embracing a future apart from one another. It’s not necessarily a failure when a relationship ends, but perhaps rather a conscious, mature realization and a new beginning. 

The official “Perfect Mess” music video is available to watch on YouTube now. We filmed it last year at the EX in Toronto on one of the busiest nights of the year, with no understanding of what 2020 would bring. It’s surreal now, and maybe a little sad, but we hope that you feel nostalgic and hopeful watching it.  

It’s a happy break-up song with the repeated lyric don’t worry serving as a mantra. We hope this song helps you escape from the everyday, and think of a joyful summer spent with friends. 


Single Art by Tom Belding 

Follow along on  InstagramFacebook and Twitter where we’ve been releasing live versions of some songs and covers during social isolation ahead of our debut album release coming fall 2020. 

– Mear 

(Greg Harrison and Frances Miller)

Press Photo by Jen Squires

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