Family Of Things Release New Single “YKB”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Family Of Things*

Our new track, “YKB,” is a burst of vibrant colour and energy. It reminisces of poolside afternoons and golden summer nights, offering us a glimpse of what it means to be young as we fight for brighter seasons and sounds.
Listen now on your preferred streaming platform.
We wrote this song in the midst of a cultural revolution and major pandemic. Our goal was to nod to past generations with hints of disco, soul, and funk that have made a mark on our music and of all music today.
YKB” is included on the deluxe edition of Oscilloscope, our 2019 debut full-length album. This expanded version was released in full on August 21st.
The central lyric of this song, you know me better, refers to our global society.
It has collectively adopted a series of substances and hateful thought processes in a jarring way, which overrides our healthy instincts to be loving, honest and open to everyone, everything, and ourselves.
YKB” is a testament to finding pathways to a brighter and kinder future, and quickly. Once the dust settles, when the high fades and the worry subsides, we can rebuild what it means to be human again and what it means to love fully.
We look forward to sharing more new material with you soon.
Thank you for listening to this track,
Family of Things

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