Gareth Inkster Presents Latest Release ‘March Morning, 2020’

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Gareth Inkster*

I’m happy to present to you my latest release, March Morning, 2020.


The first track, When it’s Over, is fairly self-explanatory. I use the metaphor of returning to a place after a long absence and the “re-familiarizing” that takes place to think out loud about what it will be like if/when things get “back to normal.”


The second track, Who you Were, was written a few years ago, but I felt as though it fit this cultural moment really well. People (myself included) have been markedly retrospective, introspective, and nostalgic throughout this novel and taxing situation. This song is all three.


The third track, the title track, is an instrumental which I wrote on a pipe organ I have access to on an early March morning – not sure what day (what even is a date, anymore?). It’s got no words, but it really does articulate how I’ve been feeling lately. I hope it can help you, too.




I wrote, performed, produced, and mixed everything in my home studio. Truth be told, I have a completely different 5-track EP locked and loaded, waiting to be released, but the timing felt wrong and these songs just presented themselves to me almost voluntarily.


I hope you’re staying safe in this historic time, and I wish you all the best.


Take care,

Gareth Inkster

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