Watch – The Camera Affect Promotions Interviews Nicholas Jason Lopez Of The Music Bugle

By Nicholas Jason Lopez

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Check out The Camera Affect Promotions’ interview with The Music Bugle’s Owner/Editor-In-Chief Nicholas Jason Lopez, as he talks about what inspired the site, how his day-to-day life changed with the COVID-19 pandemic, advice for aspiring journalists and much more.

Streamed live on Facebook, you can check it out below:


About The Camera Affect Promotions:

We’re a press outlet here to bring you news on your favorite bands and artists. Photos, interviews, reviews and acoustic sessions will be provided so that you can some how be closer to your favorite bands. From small local shows to festivals, you’ll catch us at a show. Our photographers, interviewers and writers are from all across the US.

Here at The Camera Affect promotions =many people all over the world, come together due to their mutual love for music.

[[Website name explanation]] The Camera Affect = We use our cameras to help change the lives of others. In this case, others being up-and-coming bands/artists. In other words, by posting interviews and promoting them on every social networking site, we would be affecting the band or individual artist in a good way so yeah.

Promotions = The publicize a product,the product in this situation being music.

PS : We didn’t mean “effect.” We’ve explained why we used an A instead of an E a couple of times before. “Affect” meaning to make a difference. Not Effect meaning to change. Although it could be interpreted as the same exact meaning.




Twitter: @TheCameraAffect

Christine Trimarco:

Twitter: @thecameraaffect

Instagram : @thecameraaffect

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