Grace Gillespie Releases Video For “Empty In The Capital”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Grace Gillespie*


I wrote my new song, “Empty In The Capital,” just before lockdown about themes that were coming up in my own life. 

Then suddenly, Covid is here and we are all sharing in my isolation, fear and frustrations. I don’t like London at the best of times and the idea of being stuck here was almost scary to me. 

The track very much follows the pattern of a day for me. Much of my time is spent trying to reassure myself through rationalizing and acceptance, heard in the song’s verses, coupled with outbursts of inward frustration that I express in the choruses.  

I think it’s a pattern we have all been through throughout lockdown. We are trying with all our hearts to make the most of this gift of time and be ‘grateful for the day’ but then realizing that we are sipping coffee and trying to create (or just get on with work) while ambulances are filing past. 

Empty In The Capital” is a realization that this juxtaposition is at the heart of all of life. There is always suffering and we are always perfecting a way to stick our head in the sand just to survive, I suppose.  

Grace Gillespie

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