Diamonds & Whiskey Sign With Playroom Management

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Moxie Publicity*


(Charlotte, N.C.) – Playroom Management is pleased to announce the signing of country rock band Diamonds & Whiskey for management representation. Combining sounds of the electric violin, swampy undertones and modern country rock riffs, Diamonds & Whiskey have carved out a clear path with keen storytelling lyrics and powerhouse harmonies.

Diamonds & Whiskey is led by singer and multi-instrumentalist Jennifer Webb. Her voice, a combination of parlor accoutrements and refined beauty, ranges from rebellious in the “Heartbreak Queen” to fragile in “Wasted on Love” to haunting in “25 to Life”. In “Muddy Water,” a celebrated international hit, Webb’s oozing confidence glides along the slide guitar.

Playroom Management Principal Eddie Z is excited to help the group accomplish its goals. Diamonds & Whiskey have garnered several Carolina Country Music Awards, as well as radio play for “Muddy Water” in New Zealand, Australia, Europe and several states. Z’s priority is to continue the momentum and secure bigger opportunities.

“I’ve known Eddie Z for few years now and I’ve always admired how he handles business and what he’s been able to accomplish,” Webb said. “There’s a line in ‘Muddy Water’ that says, ‘I can see through muddy water.’ I think in the music business it’s important to seek out a team that believes in you as much as or more than you believe in yourself. Eddie and Playroom Management make things clear; you get exactly what’s promised with him. This is the next piece in the puzzle for us.”

“We’re very excited to add Diamonds & Whiskey to our management roster,” Z said. With so many musicians pivoting plans and goals for 2021, it’s going to be a challenge. Jenny doesn’t back down from challenges, nor do I.”

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