Major Moment Releases Official Lyric Video For “The Flood”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Rogue PR*

Major Moment delivers a message of strength and unity with their explosive new anthem, “The Flood.” Spearheaded by two Russian-born vocalists, award-winning Major Moment has developed an intense and unique cinematic rock sound mixed with contemporary electronic elements and is on a mission to inspire others to pursue their dreams and live a life of purpose.

On their new single “The Flood,” the soaring melodies and heartfelt lyrics were inspired by a French proverb “Après nous, le déluge,” which translates as “After us, the flood.” This story is important because it signifies that after those in power leave, there is no concern for the rest left behind. When people choose to leave others high and dry, they believe that the ones they abandon will never recover.

In Major Moment’s case, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Andrey and Sasha (Vocals/Songwriting/Synths) went back into the studio days after losing four band members in one day and made the decision to push forward stronger than ever. They realized that the new music they were creating was just the catalyst they needed.

At first, the lyrics were about the band’s issues, but as the concept developed, Major Moment saw a bigger scope for the track. Right now, the world’s people have been left high and dry as the powers that be have no concern for the people they govern. In this light, all people of the world are perceived as the flood. This realization was the band’s “a-ha” moment and became the focus of the track. In a time when so many people are only concerned for themselves, Major Moment’s “The Flood” is here to remind us that we are all connected. We are here to support each other, lift each other up, and despite our differences, we all bleed just the same.

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