Frozen Lakes Releases New Single “Keep In Line”

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New song takes aim at Organized Religion, Capitalism and blind Patriotism.

FFO: Bon Iver, Finneas, Bright Eyes


Frozen Lakes returns with their fourth single of 2020! After tackling Death (Do The Shuffle), Change (Vital Signs) and the End of Times (Love Theme For An Apocalypse), singer – songwriter Lance Waste turns his keen eye and sharp lyricism on current events with the single “Keep In Line.” 

“This song is about how Religion, Capitalism and Patriotism can negatively effect individuality and creativeness.” Waste says, “I often think that the next Da Vinci or Newton will never get to fulfill their potential and push humanity forward, because they have to work two jobs to keep a roof over their head.”

“Keep in Line” is the first time Waste has worked with anyone else on a Frozen Lakes song. “The track sounded kind of dead with my usual production on it, so my friend Leigh Fuge played guitar on it and my friend Anton Rowenski played bass. It was fun being able to use modern technology to record with two guys over in England.”

After 15 years of diy touring with his band, Darling Waste. Cleveland, Ohio native Lance Waste was ready for a change of pace. After taking a year off from performing and writing music, Waste began working on new music, focusing on genres, styles of music and lyrical themes he wasn’t able to explore with his previous band. The result is Frozen Lakes.

Frozen Lakes explores themes of death, loss and our place in the Universe wrapped into neatly crafted, often sorrowful, pop music. Waste weaves unique sonic tapestries by blending the traditional singer-songwriter instruments of pianos and acoustic guitars, with modern production, layering drum and vocal loops into the mix.

Frozen Lakes released their first single “Do the Shuffle” in December of 2019. It snuck onto a few “Best of 2019” lists and Spotify Playlists. The second single, “Vital Signs,” came out at the end of February, building on the recognition of the first single. The results were 15 Spotify playlist placements and and over 2,000 views on the lyric video.

Waste says the new single,”Keep in Line,” completes his Frozen Lakes project and that he is going away for a while, again. “I really enjoyed the musical hiatus I took last year. It helped clear my head and make these four songs more focused. I’m going to try another musical sabbatical and see where it takes me.”


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