Mike Edel Releases Official Video For “Hello Universe”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Mike Edel*




I took a boombox with my new song “Hello Universe” on tape to Morocco, showed it to the locals and shot a music about the whole experience days before the pandemic closed everything. The song is about collaboration and positivity and focuses on all the good things in the world as opposed to the alternative.  

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Watch the video (shot in Morocco) for “Hello Universe” on YouTube

I co-wrote this song with Parker Bossley. Marcus Pacquin (Arcade Fire, The National), who had co-written with me on my forthcoming album, handled mixing. I wanted “Hello Universe” to be fun, with a focus on the joys of life.

Somehow, Jordan Clarke and I ended up shooting the best music video we’ve ever made in Morocco – a single day before all the borders shut down due to the pandemic. We were chased by a snake charmer for filming, but the people we met during the shoot loved the boombox. We almost didn’t make it home!

Thank you for spending time with this song,

Mike Edel

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