Music Bugle Exclusive – Q & A – No thx

By Nicholas Jason Lopez 

Photo courtesy of No thx Facebook page.

No thx has released a new three-track project entitled ‘Evr Scr, 2015.’

He works as a surgical resident and served on the frontlines within the chaos of the initial COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in the United States, regularly uses music to help cope with the stresses of training and heartbreak.

The Music Bugle had the chance to talk with him about his new project and more.

Music Bugle – How would you describe your new music?

No thx – The music that I make is a blend of all of the types of music that I like. I have a public playlist on my Spotify page if you’re interested in seeing what my favorite songs are. I think one of my best assets as an artist is my range of style. I focus primarily on a heavily auto-tuned sound because I love how it sounds. I try to make music that has a popular sound, but also sounds like nothing you’ve ever heard before.


Music Bugle – What was your overall goal for “Evr Scr, 2015” and what does the title signify? As a surgical resident, in what ways exactly does music help you cope with training and heartbreak?

No thx – “Scrs” and “Evr I need” were originally written and recorded in 2015. This was around the time I stopped making music. At the time, I didn’t have the confidence to continue and I started to become busier studying for medical school. I eventually lost touch with my creative side for years. Probably around 2018, I remember painting a pumpkin with my mom – I painted an aquatic scene – and it made me really appreciate the void of creativity in my life. I started creating again this year, as I needed an outlet to express myself. I felt trapped emotionally and music was something I used to pour hundreds of hours into, so I took it up again to find some relief. The title is a tribute to the permanence of scars, both physical and emotional. I have a lot more unreleased tracks on a flash drive.


Music Bugle – Does social media make it easier or harder for a musician to stand out these days?

No thx – Easier by far. You can be anybody on social media if you want to be. However, I’ve learned that it’s important to represent yourself accurately/genuinely, as the message tends to resonate better to your audience, which is why i think my most recent project “just don’t” got more plays than I was expecting, especially the song “I don’t feel good.”


Music Bugle – Who are you listening to right now, music-wise?

No thx – Check out my Spotify playlist to see the complete list, but my favorite artists right now are Lil Soda Boi, Rence and 100 gecs. Juice Wrld and Lil Peep are always playing as well. I also have a tendency to listen to my music nonstop while it’s still pre-release, so I’d mostly been listening to ‘Evr Scr, 2015’ and some unreleased stuff I’ve been working on.


Music Bugle – How were you affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?

No thx – I hit my lowest low when the pandemic was starting to reach the US and isolation was starting. I work at a large hospital and it was crazy seeing the emergency department turned into what looked like a war zone. Things are starting to normalize now. I don’t know if I would have started making music again if I didn’t have some extra time as a result of the pandemic. I hadn’t had it in about five-to-seven years, or if I wouldn’t have even felt the need to. I’m happy with where I’m at now.


Music Bugle – What’s something people should know about you as a person, away from music?

No thx – I’m a good cook! I don’t really have a signature dish, as I always try to make something new. If I had to pick, it would be chocolate lava cake or macaroons. I’ve also had a poker and Bitcoin mining phase in the past! (Laughs)


Music Bugle – What has been your biggest memory as a musician?

No thx – Bombing at a “Battle Of The Bands” in my freshman year of college. I thought it’d be super cool to lead with this cryptic song and the audience did not take to it at all. (Laughs) The next few songs didn’t go much better.


Music Bugle – Which song of yours was the hardest to write or compose?

No thx – My newest song “Your Old Apt.” I wanted to make sure the tone was right. It’s about the drive to see my girlfriend. The first half of the song is driving to her, the second half is leaving. The song in general is about how she made me feel like I mattered and was worthwhile. The snow drive part was about this particular night I had on the drive home. I drove, like, 30 mph and it took me twice as long because the weather was so bad and snowy and it’s hard to describe, but it was just a very surreal experience. I was listening to a lot of Bon Iver – the newer, more electronic stuff – at the time. We used to stay up ’til, like, 12-5 AM when we used to see each other, just talking all night, so the whole song is really just reminiscent of that time in our lives.


Music Bugle – What do you hope to accomplish by the time 2020 ends?

No thx – Most importantly, I want to be happier this year. I’ve been making a lot of changes in my life to do this. I also want to develop more in my professional life and gain more confidence and knowledge. Whatever happens, happens with music. I’m not going to force it. I make my best stuff when I’m just speaking from the heart and don’t have an agenda to push.

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