Keegan Calmes (Ex-Vinyl Theatre) Debuts New Single “Broken Heart,” Now Streaming Everywhere

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Singer/Songwriter Keegan Calmes is perhaps known best as the front-man for Vinyl Theatre (Fueled By Ramen) but he’s back as a solo artist with a brand new single titled “Broken Heart,” a song about how love can continue to exist as a residue on your soul.

“Broken Heart” is out now via N43 Records, and streaming on all digital platforms here:

After 16 national tours and 3 studio albums with Vinyl Theatre, Keegan took an indefinite hiatus, relocating from Milwaukee, WI to Austin, TX. Raised on and playing homage to his favorite artists (i.e. John Mayer, The Killers, & Two Door Cinema Club) he has spent this time redefining his sound, as is evident on the new single.

Keegan says, “(“Broken Heart”) is a culmination of a year of soul searching; Trying to pinpoint who I am and what is most important to me intrinsically. This is that ‘aha’ moment for me in trying to both define my sound and work through past emotions. It’s a song about loving someone after your love as ‘one’ has expired. And in that lingering love, you decide to always wish them the best. And when you see them again, to smile with love although your love together will never be again.”

“Broken Heart” was co-written by Steven Pitzl, Timothy Wolf, & Keegan Calmes, and produced by Four Giants.

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