Shred Kelly Releases New Single “Underground”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Shred Kelly*

Our vocalist, Tim, began the process of creating “Underground” during a period of anxiety and insomnia while dealing with personal loss. This sombre track is one which so many people can relate to, especially with current events unfolding.

Anyone who has dealt with chronic stress will know that it can be debilitating, and just like a sad song can get you through a breakup, we hope that this piece can be a comforting anthem.

Listen to “Underground” on Spotify // Apple Music

Like our previous single, “Underground” was produced and recorded by Nygel Asselin. His enthusiasm and dedication allowed us to capture the darkness with this track, which portrays the worries of life that cannot be shut off each night. It imagines laying awake in the dark and likens it to going “underground” night after night.

Thank you for listening,

Shred Kelly  

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