Catbite Releases Music Video For “Horizontal Aggression”

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Catbite “Horizontal Aggression” Music Video

On June 5th, California independent label, Bad Time Records, quietly released a split 7-inch that pairs Philadelphia’s soul-ska outfit, Catbite with East Bay’s newest ska-punk trio Omnigone – featuring members of the beloved late 90’s ska-core band Link 80. The blue/pink + splatter variant (200) sold out within a few days of the pre-order going live. Bad Time Records then announced that a new neon pink variant (100) was available to purchase. Originally intended as the “band exclusive” variant both Catbite and Omnigone opted to have all proceeds donated to the National Black Arts Foundation. Along with the new variant, Catbite put together a music video for their cover of “Horizontal Aggression” (Omnigone). If you need two minutes of cats and dogs dancing to ska music then this is the video for you.



Catbite is Brittany, Tim, Ben & Chris. To the uninitiated: they are your new favorite band, you just don’t know it yet. Blending ska with 50’s rock, soul & punk, their sound is simultaneously classic & forward-thinking. It’s music for the next generation of punks, you could put it on and dance with your grandmother to it. Their debut self-titled release on Bad Time Records has been well received by the music community, often sited as being a definitive example of how ska can be done right.

Release Date: June 5th, 2020
Label: Bad Time Records
Formats: Digital/Vinyl
Catbite: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook
Omnigone: Instagram | Facebook
Bad Time Records: Instagram | Facebook

Album Art:

Adam Davis

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