Jane’s Party Releases Official Video For “Change Her Mind”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Jane’s Party*

Being in a long-term relationship in your mid 20s, the thought of breaking up and starting over can sometimes be the backdrop to every argument. Our new single “Change Her Mind” is about working through a relationship over holding on to past ones or holding out for something better. 

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We wanted to capture this feeling of naive youth not just in the lyrics, but in the musical and instrumental delivery as well, so the guitars were recorded on a cheap, slightly out of tune Squier guitar, while the crowd of backup vocals sound like all your best buds at your university house party.

“Change Her Mind” was produced by Carlin Nicholson and Mike O’Brien of Zeus, the band that served as a big inspiration for us coming up as musicians. 

The song takes us back to watching That ‘70s Show. The memory of hanging out with your best friends and navigating the intricacies of young love often becomes so cherished in hindsight. We hope you enjoy the nostalgia. 

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Credit: Tom Ionescu


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