Starpainter’s ‘Bury Me By My Family’ Out Now

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Auteur Research*

Joel Stretch has been making up songs and playing in bands his whole life. These are the best songs he’s ever written, and Starpainter is the best band he’s ever played in.

Bury Me by My Family is the culmination of everything Starpainter has tried to do musically distilled into its best form yet. Stream/purchase their new record:

The band hope that people feel a sense of human connection when they listen to ‘Bury Me by My Family.’ This album was a labour of love – love for one another, love for the music, love for friends and families. Starpainter wanted to make an album of love and admiration for the people they’re close to, while also wading into the complexities and difficulties of being close with people.

Starpainter hopes this record makes you want to reach out to the people around you to tell them how much you care about them.

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