Grace Gillespie Releases New Single “HUH”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Grace Gillespie*


I wrote the lyrics to “HUH” whilst cycling to work and watching the miserable commuters dragging themselves to places they don’t want to be. The absurdity of the situation struck me and I momentarily saw the scene as if through the eyes of a child, asking – why do we do this to ourselves? 

Of course I know why we go to work – at least I know why I go to work – but I wanted the song to shift perspective, to forget about societal rules and values and just objectively look at this weird scene of unhappy, tired humans. 

We become increasingly affected by external factors as we grow older and it becomes increasingly difficult to think like a child again. That innocence and curiosity is lost forever. But it’s still fun to think about, to try and look at things in different ways, as if through the eyes of someone else. Especially in odd times like this, everything becomes warped and strange again. The very idea of normal has been forcefully shifted, and there’s no better time to take a fresh look at things and question why certain things are such big parts of our lives. What is really important to us? Do we even know!

With this song, I wanted to capture being like a child again, letting time go by without worrying about getting stuff done, instead just messing about, being bored and drifting through time: doing nothing ‘important’ at all.

I hope you can find some escapism in “HUH.” Don’t let reality grab you too ferociously!

Grace Gillespie

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