Marie-Clo Releases New Single “Trophy Wife”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Marie-Clo*

Trophy Wife,” the first single from my EP, Shell(e) Pt. I, released June 12th, draws on my experience as a hockey wife. I’ve seen the private inner workings of this industry, the secrets it hides, the behaviors it permits, and the sexism which permeates it.
In hindsight, I became an observer in my own relationship; it was a sociological opportunity to witness something rare, yet painful.
Working with Polaris shortlisted Oliver Fairfield (FET NAT, Leif Vollebekk, Andy Shauf, Timber Timbre) on “Trophy Wife,” I wanted to tell my own story as a reminder that any woman can be a victim of sexism. Our significant other’s selective kindness, status, and desirability are never worth the pain.
During my marriage, I was the difficult wife; the one hockey organizations had their eyes on because I had the potential to change the alkalinity of the team with my “radical views.” Hockey wives are treated as nothing and yet everything. This dichotomy is eerily similar to how our society views women in general.
This song is a call to be aware of transactional love; love in which you are an item with an attributed value, and not an individual.
Thank you for listening,

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