WAYLEY Releases Debut Single “What’s It Gonna Take”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By WAYLEY*

I’m excited to share my debut single, “What’s It Gonna Take,” with you today. The song itself was inspired by my love of catchy lyrics and unforgettable melodic hooks, but the lyrics explore a tough relationship I was dealing with at the time. 

The writing process allowed me to reflect on the situation I was in. 

This song is a note to a lover, asking them to grow up and be real. Do they truly want to be there? Ultimately, it is the story of begging one’s significant other to be the person and partner that they need them to be.

Listen to “What’s It Gonna Take” through SoundCloud or Spotify now.


Recording this track was like nothing I had experienced before, coming from the world of Americana music. I worked with engineer Tal Vaisman to translate any ideas that producer Andre Kaden Black and I had into incredible parts. We collaborated with session players to lend “What’s It Gonna Take” the authenticity it needed, including live horns. It was fun trying to incorporate pedal steel guitar into a pop song!

This song is able to be listened to in so many different ways, as it captures a spectrum of feelings. I want you to be able to hear “What’s It Gonna Take” on a hot sunny day at the cottage while enjoying the weather with your friends, or on a cold winter night when thinking about a fresh breakup.

Thanks for taking the time to listen,




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