Lost In Japan Release Official Music Video For “Ego”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Lost In Japan*

 📸by Joel Parker

With our upcoming EP, you will find yourself lost in another world. We’re pulling you in with catchy hooks and sing-along songs. The first track—“Ego”—came to life while we were on our first record’s release tour.  

Stream “Ego” wherever you get your music: https://li.sten.to/w65MQkP 

Shot in our hometown of London, ON, the official “Ego” music video is also available to watch via Indie88 + YouTube now.

Playing show after show, you start to get this sense of disassociation from your on-stage persona and off-stage self. We saw this happen to ourselves, and many fellow musicians too.

We know the concept of don’t judge a book by its cover has been done many times before, but that’s at the root of this track. “Ego” starts off with someone saying they are on top of the world, though as the song progresses they really don’t know who they are. 

Just know you’re not alone in these crazy times. Is this what we are?


Addison Johnson, Chris Hoekstra, Nolan Peake, James Wiseman

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