Only August Releases New Single “Coast To Coast”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Only August*

Coast to Coast” is about persistence, determination and resilience. 

I was inspired by a lifetime of adventures, traveling across the East and West Coasts of Canada, 

encountering all the things that can go wrong.

Obstacles can push us to the limit, so I have made it my goal to pick myself up, 

no matter how many times I fall. Nothing’s gonna slow me down.

I wrote the first verse for this song back in 2018. It wasn’t until recently that I was scrolling through over 600 voice memos and came across this hidden piece, instantly feeling empowered by it.

Stream “Coast to Coast” on SoundCloud 🔁 Spotify

Just know that you are not alone in struggles. Life is a journey with trials and tribulations, 

but if you push yourself to your limits and never give up, you will reach your true potential.

My debut EP is set for release this August.  

Thanks for checking it out.

Only August

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Credit: Matthew Gurrassi

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