Music Bugle Exclusive – Q & A – DiMaggio Jones

By Nicholas Jason Lopez

Photo courtesy of DiMaggio Jones Facebook page.

Highly regarded for their strong stage presence by way of frontman vocalist Joe Flynn (described by BBC Radio as a “Young Freddie Mercury”) and catchy anthemic melodies, Indie-Electro Pop band DiMaggio Jones have set themselves out as the new act to watch out for.

On May 29, 2020, the Sheffield, United Kingdom-based group released their debut EP, ‘Lonely Boys Mixtape’ and had their track “Ghosts” declared BBC Radio Lincolnshire’s “Song Of The Week.”

DiMaggio Jones is Flynn, drummer Hugh Boyd, guitarist Joe Devlin and bassist Ed Skipworth.

The Music Bugle had the chance to talk with the guys about their latest success and more.

Music Bugle – How have you guys been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?

Joe Devlin – Well… we haven’t been able to play or make music together, which has been bollocks, but it’s given me the time to work and play about with new sounds.

Hugh Boyd – It sucked at first, because it meant that our summer shows got cancelled, so picking ourselves off our feet was essential. We made sure we kept busy and kept our socials full of content, seeing as people are gonna be on their phones a lot more.

Joe Flynn – It’s also made us all miss each other loads! We’re trying to work with it, though, instead of against it.

Ed Skipworth – For me, not too much really. Still working and still got no social life. Really been missing the band practices though.


Music Bugle – How did the band find its name?

Ed Skipworth – We all live far apart from each other. The lonely boys come together to make sexy sounds.

Hugh Boyd – Joe know the full deets on this one!

Joe Devlin – In the 80’s, there was a band called DiMaggio Jones based in New York. My dad was in it, so I robbed their name. 


Music Bugle – What do you miss the most about live shows in particular?

Joe Devlin – Being better than the headliners… wink, wink. 

Ed Skipworth – Flynn’s unpredictability on stage. You never know what crazy outfit or routine he’s got planned until it happens!

Joe Flynn – Figuring out what I’m gonna wear, the rehearsals that lead up to it, the energy we have on stage, the interaction with the crowd and of course, the few bevvies we get to have whilst we’re doing it!

Hugh Boyd – Everything! Playing live is so awesome and for us not to be able to book gigs and play them is so annoying! We get a lot of feedback from our shows, so we know what works best for the set.


Music Bugle – What was it like putting your debut EP together?

Ed Skipworth – Long, sweaty, painful and a little flirty.

Joe Devlin – A relief to be honest! A lot of industry people said we needed to change the sound and rerecord, but we thought, “Nahhh…” and put it out anyway. 

Joe Flynn – We had the songs for quite a while and we kept getting delayed by multiple circumstances and so eventually, we had so much material, we just whittled it down into what we thought was a great first project and just put it out there with the help of Yellow Rhinestone Records!

Hugh Boyd – Through playing the songs, we knew what songs worked best. We have a few alternative versions to really mix up the pot of our musical capabilities, so we loved putting it together, but it was hard!!


Music Bugle – What was your reaction upon learning BBC Radio Lincolnshire was playing “Ghosts”?

Ed Skipworth – Just sheer excitement. It’s by far one of the best tracks and the more people we can share it with, the better!

Joe Flynn – It felt validating to know we were doing something right and of course, we were so grateful for the support – the BBC team have been so supportive of us ever since we started!

Joe Devlin – Very happy. Definitely just shows we didn’t have to change our sound after all. Big shoutout to BBC Lincolnshire! 

Hugh Boyd – We love those guys! We’re eternally grateful when they play our music or have us on air!


Music Bugle – When was the moment you wanted to become a musician?

Joe Flynn – As soon as I first heard music! We used to have a karaoke machine in our house growing up ever since I was little and I would go on it living my pop star fantasy belting out Britney Spears.

Hugh Boyd – Since eight years old I think. My favorite bands were Green Day and Blink-182. I just played them over and over again and knew that I had to be in a band. Drums are the easiest instrument to play, so I shotgun those first!

Joe Devlin – Well, my dad went out and got me an Epiphone Les Paul when I was about 14, so I felt I had to learn a little bit, but yeah, never really looked back since.  

Ed Skipworth – Since learning my first song on bass. I still practice it 12 years later. FYI, it was “Slither” by Velvet Revolver.


Music Bugle – What’s something people should know about the group?

Hugh Boyd – We love music. You’ll never butt into a conversation and not hear us talking music. We constantly talk about ideas and the next big thing.

Joe Devlin – We are looking for a new drummer. Wink, wink. 

Ed Skipworth – You really do have to see us to believe us. We’re hard to describe in human words.

Joe Flynn – We’re all like family. Honestly, every single person in the band is insanely talented and we all lift and support each other to be the best we can be.


Music Bugle – If you had the chance to chat one-on-one with one of your musical influences, who would you choose?

Joe Flynn – Lady Gaga. Every single time. She is an incredible musician who delves into so many different musical influences and sounds. I would love to write a song with her, as she’s my idol!

Ed Skipworth – Ronnie Radke for sure. The man is a genius and some of his synth usage reminds me of our own music.

Hugh Boyd – Blink-182. They are my heroes. They were my youth and I always resonate with their music and ideologies. It’s what music is all about – having fun and changing how you see the world. I think I’d faint if they walked right in the room! (Laughs) 

Joe Devlin – Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin… wouldn’t mind a pint with him. 


Music Bugle – Which song was the hardest for you to write?

Joe Flynn – I would say “Ghosts” was the hardest one that I can remember writing. The chorus was there, but the verses were hard to come up with, but it paid off in the end. This is in comparison to “T-Shirt,” which only took like 10 minutes to write.

Joe Devlin – Hmmm… well recently, its been hard because of the COVID-19 outbreak, so that in of itself has made it challenging, but I’m not going to lie… I find it quite easy to write music. It just takes me ages to get it right. 

Hugh Boyd – It’s always a challenge, but these songs have an awesome hook in each one, so once we picked up the pace, they all fell together really nicely.

Ed Skipworth – I write nothing. I’m here for sex appeal only.


Music Bugle – What has been the hardest challenge for you guys so far?

Hugh Boyd – Being in a band. Period. If you ever look from the outside and think it’s easy, well, you’re wrong. Each member has their own responsibility to do their job with social media, music writing, promotion, website, photography, music videos, contacting people via email and trying to book venues for shows. You can’t slack. You gotta keep fresh and new and openminded to whatever might come next. Especially this pandemic… so yeah, it’s a constant struggle, but we love hard work, so that’s it really.

Ed Skipworth – Getting together on a regular basis. We all live so far apart, but we’re committed to making the best music we can and putting on the most entertaining shows, so what we do is worth every struggle.

Joe Flynn – Realizing that if you want something doing, you’ve got to do it yourself. Not letting people stand in your way and being unapologetically yourselves, trusting your own vision and sound and sticking to it.

Joe Devlin – We haven’t had anything that seems impossible yet… Flynn has his moments though! Still love you, babe. 

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