Ötzi (Oakland) Releases New Album ‘Storm’ Via Artoffact Records

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Promo cover art Ötzi
Artoffact Records
22 May 2020

Since their formation in 2014, Oakland, California-based post-punk group Ötzi has toured the world with the likes of The Chameleons, Deerhoof, Modern Englishand She Past Away. They have several EPs in addition to their 2017 debut album Ghosts on Near Dark and Psychic Eye Records.

On the sophomore album, Storm, Ötzi pierces the heart with their dark and passionate style of post-punk. Brooding and aggressive sounds intertwine, via dual vocals, chorused guitar, driving bass, and infectious beats. Anthemic hooks, worthy of ’80s new wave radio hits, are captured by classic analog production, the simplicity and sound quality allowing the songwriting to penetrate deeper.

Ötzi’s sound reflects the commanding howls of Siouxsie and the Banshees, the anarcho-punk of Crass, and the laments of early The Cure, but Ötzi lives very much in the present, if not the future. Vocalist and bassist Akiko Sampson states, “The darkness of our sound isn’t from existential dread or moroseness. It’s a reflection of the lives we’ve lived as femmes in an often-hostile world. I think for all of the band members, we express all this mourning and anger through our music, so playing is always cathartic for us. But afterwards, what we’re left with is a sense of hope and a vision for what can be. In this album, we wanted to incorporate all of those emotions. Because that’s what Storm is about — huge, violent changes that leave you transformed forever.”

Sampson notes, “We look forward to being able to tour again, once it’s safe to. We miss being able to share our music, to see our audiences and tell them how important they are to us. We feel honored that we get to share space with so many queer and femme and trans people all over the world. Our shows have a radical energy because of our audience, and we crave that energy. We only hope that through our music we can help create a world where our audience feels honored and powerful themselves.”

Vocalist and drummer Gina Marie states, “Lots of life changing emotions went into the album from start to finish. Storm reflects a huge shift in life — things that we once knew are permanently affected by the storm after it’s come. The album is about self doubt, self love, fighting for yourself and trying to survive the storm—knowing it will eventually end, but what will be left is unknown.”

Storm is available now on CD, vinyl, and digital via Artoffact Records. 

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