Fast Friends Release Official Video For “We Broke The World”

*The Following Press Release Was Issued By Fast Friends*

We Broke The World”—the second single off our debut EP, to be released this summer—is now streaming on all digital platforms. Watch and share the official video, too. 

We’ve all been making a mess for so goddamn long that we don’t even see the actual mess we’re making anymore. There’s got to be a breaking point, right? A peak oil moment. A Sting jumping around in tights moment. A Chris Paul and Blake Griffin’s whining is just getting to be too much moment. 

We wrote “We Broke The World” in mid-2018. We’ve been on this whole “everything is crumbling, probably best to hole up” vibe for a long ass time.

In the single artwork you can see the three of us as time traveling immortals, pleasantly watching the comic foibles of the crusades, a few hundred years ahead of a global pandemic moment.

Look out for another single soon.


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