Music Bugle Exclusive – Q & A – Betty Moon

Photo courtesy of Bradley Publicity.

By Nicholas Jason Lopez

Known for her soulful mix of electronic and rock, Los Angeles-based songwriter/producer Betty Moon has released a new six-track EP today entitled ‘Translucent,’ which follows up her singles releases of “Did It For Nothing” and “Dead Out Of Love.”

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, Moon had spent time in the studio and completed over 20 ideas, with six of them included on ‘Translucent,’ aimed to be a blend of her classic signature layers of electronic, funk, indie and dance energy. Her others are planned to appear on upcoming 2020 releases.

The Music Bugle had the opportunity to chat with Moon about her latest release and more.

Music Bugle – What were some challenges you faced while making your new EP?

Betty Moon – Before everything happened with the lockdown, I actually had dozens of songs recorded and at least 75 percent complete. The challenge before everything happened was really choosing the best of the bunch and figuring out what way I’d like to release them. A full length? A few EPs? I wasn’t sure, but after the lockdown happened, it gave me a good reason to stay inside and really finish up these songs and tie things up for a release. I think as a creative we tend to second guess our work and decisions, but if anything, our current situation helped get me to the finish line on ‘Translucent.’


Music Bugle – What inspired you to name your new EP ‘Translucent’?

Betty Moon – I believe we’re all looking for more clarity in life. From the justice system to the media, we sometimes don’t know what to believe and are unsure of what’s real. ‘Translucent’ has six songs about different topics, but overall, the message is honesty and being candid about things we otherwise may have not have exposed. We need that more than ever, as people are uneasy about so many things. There’s always a concise message in each song on this EP. It may not be obvious at first, but once you hear it a few times, you’ll realize how clear the sentiment of the song truly is. Translucent AF.


Music Bugle – What made you want to release “Did It For Nothing” and “Don’t Stop Now” as singles?

Betty Moon – I wanted “Don’t Stop Now” to be a single because it’s flat out a fun song. The energy and guitar riff is fun for gym playlists and the lyrics are totally relatable. Honestly, I wanted to choose a couple songs that were the catchiest and most worthy of being “a single.” Sometimes, it’s hard to choose, but at the end of the day, I just hope as many people as possible give them a listen.


Music Bugle – How would you describe Los Angeles to someone who has never been there before?

Betty Moon – Make sure your phone is charged and that you have Google Maps ready. Los Angeles is bigger than you think and there’s more than enough cool places to check out. I think people who have never visited think it’s closer to a Las Vegas-type city than anything else, but really, it’s just a massive county with so many types of neighborhoods and varied places for any taste. I think some who believe the hype may be disappointed at first, but you really have to come stay for a month or two and make friends around town. This isn’t Hawaii or Miami, L.A. is more of an experience and culture where you need to immerse yourself and find your own thing in and then own it.


Music Bugle – How does your new music compare to your older works?

Betty Moon – I think it’s a great evolution of old and new Betty Moon music. I start the EP with a song that is closer to older Betty Moon music, but then the rest of the EP sticks with my newer, electronic-pop type energy and songwriting. I’m like a fine wine with this stuff, it just gets better with age, baby!


Music Bugle – How have you felt yourself progress as an artist through the years?

Betty Moon – It’s hard to feel your own progress because you live within your own creative mind 24/7, but those close to me and other music executives keep me posted on their honest thoughts of my songwriting and production. I trust these people and honestly believe my work has got better and better each year. When they tell me something should be better, I take a step back and improve those elements. For the material I may doubt but others believe in, I take that to 110 percent and trust that others will appreciate it. Half the battle is trusting your own creativity and just putting it out there, because you can always make more music, right?


Music Bugle – Has the COVID-19 pandemic affected you in any way?

Betty Moon – It’s probably affected me in the same way it’s hit millions of others. I just want to go to happy hour again, hit the beach and go on some trips again. I’m playing it safe though and want to make sure this thing goes away and that we can all do cool shit again as a nation. I’ve had days where I felt stir-crazy, but thankfully, I have a cool setup at home and around my neighborhoods in Malibu to stay busy and mentally/physically fit.


Music Bugle – If you had the chance to talk one-on-one with one of your musical influences, who would it be?

Betty Moon – Josh Homme for sure and maybe he’d bring Iggy Pop along for the meeting. I admire everything about that man’s mind and creative soul, so much talent in one package. He’s pretty easy on the eyes as well and I wouldn’t mind him teaching me more about his “Elvis” type moves. Seriously though, I’ve been a fan of his music and writing since the Kyuss days.


Music Bugle – What’s something people should know about you as a person?

Betty Moon – I deeply care about other people, always have and just want to make others happy. I use music and creativity as a tool, along with other things my surrogate and extended family does to help specific causes. I believe that contributing, giving back and connecting with others is really the only reason we’re here on this planet anyhow, so get off your butt and try and make a difference. I’m all for change, especially right now with our current state of affairs.


Music Bugle – What amazes you the most about today’s music industry?

Betty Moon – It’s mind-blowing to know 99 percent of the industry is online, right now! Everything 20-30 years ago was completely analog, in-person concerts, physical music formats, etc. and now, you can break out your phone or laptop and take in everything the industry has to offer. Executives and musicians both do everything in the cloud and even within video games. I think it’s pretty cool and refuse to live in the past on this stuff. Sign me up for what’s next, I’m ready to roll with it!

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